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I have a passion for reflecting on life and human behaviour through dance/movement. Somehow it helps me cope with my own living in this world.

Relationships and how they are created, maintained, altered, and lived are of special interest to me.

I make dances by putting bodies and their owners {bodies + owners= person}  in situations where people have to make decisions that no one else but themselves can make. Decisions based on necessity, safety, comfortability, rationality, ability, willingness, etc..

Another thing I am interested in and am always discovering more about are technologies of communication. This interest has led me to explore networked communication and am involved in various projects where live bodies become translated, projected, mediated, morphed, etc.. in an attempt at communicating or creating relationship where otherwise there could be none.

Amber Ortega-Perez

MFA in Choreography from Jacksonville University/White Oak

BFA in performance & choreography from Ohio State University. 

Adjunct Professor of Dance, Palo Alto College


Program Director, W-I-P/Works In Progress



I teach movement to adults and children throughout the community.  In my classes I give participants access to the art of dance by affirming each person's ownership and agency of their own body.  Styles and techniques which I teach are Modern and Contemporary dance, Ballet, Improvisation, Movement Composition and Aerial Yoga.  



Autonomy and personality within movement practice and performance is at the core of my teaching philosophy. Partnering and contact are an integral part of all classes and is developed through gradations. I have developed a unique teaching practice which develops community within the dance class by bringing spatial awareness and dancer responsibility to the class format.  This is a technique which strengthens a movers ability to problem solve, hone reaction/response and improve negotiating skills. It is also used to bring the dancer into a comfortable relationship with dancing with other.


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